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The Hobby Horse News: published by Paula Hecker from December 1988 - March 2000. These articles are reproduced with her permission and may not be used elsewhere without her consent.

Issue 1, Cover (Dec 1988/Jan 1989) - the cover of the first issue featuring the logo designed by Kathleen Moody

Issue 2, Cover (Feb/ Mar 1989) - features "The Showman aka Walking Percheron" by Francis Eustis

Issue 2, Page 6, 7, and 8 (Feb/Mar 1989) - "The Gentle Giants of the Horse World - The Drafters," a brief overview of popular draft breeds with many pictures of model drafters

Issue 2, Page 10 (Feb/Mar 1989) - "Remaking the Shire" by Michelle Belisle-Locke, a brief how-to with more vintage CM drafter pictures

Issue 2, Page 13 (Feb/Mar 1989) - "Champion Spotlight" featuring horses by Keren (Woods) Gilfoyle-McGroarty and Janice Meixner

Issue 2, Page 18 (Feb/Mar 1989) - ad featuring vintage CM drafter by Coyotl Creations

Issue 2, Page 21 (Feb.Mar 1989) - results of 1st THHN Photo Show series, featuring champs Shamrock Steele Appeal and Cheyenne's Sugar

Issue 2, Page 22 (Feb/Mar 1989) - miscellaneous ads

Issue 2, Page 23 (Feb/Mar 1989) - ad for new releases by Hartland (Lady Jewel and Jade) and an ad by Laurie Jo Jensen

Issue 2, Page 24 (Feb/Mar 1989) - "Neatness Counts - Showing Tips" by Paula Hecker

Issue 2, Page 25 (Feb/Mar 1989) - ad featuring CMs by Candy Maynard

Issue 2, Page 26 (Feb/Mar 1989) - ad featuring tack by Sue Rowe

Issue 2, Page 30 (Feb/Mar 1989) - Sire/Dam ad for Merry Meadows

Issue 2, Page 32 (Feb/Mar 1989) - ad by Lisa Donnelly featuring her well-known Lynne (Baum) Von Mayr custom "Dow Jones"

Issue 3, Page 13 (Apr/May 1989) - "Champion Spotlight" featuring horses by Paige Easley Patty and Lynn Baum Von Mayr

Issue 5, Page 36 and 37 (Aug/Sep 1989) - "Models in Britain" by Keren (Woods) Gilfoyle-McGroarty, a brief history of the hobby in the UK, with reference to Julips and Rydals, and differences between UK and USA showing and terminology

Issue 6, Page 17 (Oct/Nov 1989) - "Colorful Horse" by Keren (Woods) Gilfoyle-McGroarty, a discussion of pintos and color discrimination in the UK, featuring the famous Mister Mogg, a CM HR Small Amir

Issue 6, Page 27 (Oct/Nov 1989) - miscellaneous ads

Issue 7, Front Cover (Dec 1989/Jan 1990) - features the incredible Rhymnick by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig

Issue 7, Page 6 and 7 (Dec 1989/Jan 1990) - "Striving for Realism in the Araian Model" by Julie (Poremba) Propes

Issue 7, Page 13 (Dec 1989/Jan 1990) - Photo show series ad and Wizard's Vale ad featuring the elegant R'Thana

Issue 7, Page 43 (Dec 1989/Jan 1990) - sales ads, one featuring multi-champ Venus by Bev Zimmer

Issue 7, Back Cover (Dec 1989/Jan 1990) - ad for CM horses by Laurie Jo Jensen

Issue 9, Front Cover (Apr/May 1990) - features stunning Hackney CM by Julie Froelich

Issue 9, Page 4 and 5 (Apr/May 1990) - Ardith Carlton's first Inside Straight column, "LSQ: Elusive Ideal or License to Steal?" examines what LSQ means and its relative merit as a guide of quality, something the hobby is still debating (missing the last few paragraphs)

Issue 9, Page 26 and 27 (Apr/May 1990) - "Personality Profile" featuring Marney Walerius, the "godmother of the hobby"

Issue 9, Page 36 (April/May 1990) - ad for the Rio Rondo Quarter Horse 1 resin by Carol Williams, the beginning of the resin revolution

Issue 10, Page 19 (Jun/Jul1990) - sales ad of CMs by Lee Francis

Issue 10, Page 36 and 37 (Jun/Jul 1990) - Inside Straight "Hype vs. Reputation in the Photo-Show Horse"

Issue 11, Front Cover (Aug/Sep 1990) - features Ardith Carlton's "Quick Comet" CM by Julie Froelich

Issue 11, Page 36 and 37 (Aug/Sep 1990) - "Personality Profile" featuring Carol Williams and an ad proposing a model Arabian Nationals live show

Issue 11, Page 40 and 41 (Aug/Sep 1990) - Inside Straight "The Remaking Industry: Yankee Ingenuity, or 'I Want Some Too'-ity?" observations on the economy of the hobby, customs in particular

Issue 11, Page 39 (Aug/Sep 1990) - sales ad for "Elite's Raphael," a CM PAS by Kathleen Moody

Issue 14, Page 8, 9, and 10 (FebMar 1991) - Inside Straight "The Test of the Press: Do We Show Them our Best?" discusses the hobby's lack of a professionally published magazine and how the hobby has been portrayed by real horse magazines

Issue 15, Front Cover (Apr/May 1991) - features a lovely CM Friesian. This issue sparked a trend for CMized Friesians in 1991.

Issue 15, Page 14, 15, and 16 (Apr/May 1991) - "Inside Straight Stew" responses to past Inside Straight articles from THHN readers

Issue 15, Page 17 (Apr/May 1991) - winners of the 1990 Challemge of the Champions photo show

Issue 15, Page 20 and 21 (Apr/May 1991) - "Personality Profile" featuring Julie Froelich

Issue 15, Page 33 (Apr/May 1991) - ad for Julie Froelich's Spring Auction

Issue 17, Page 8 and 9 (Aug/Sep 1991) - Inside Straight "Artists Take Time, But a Few Will Take YOU" tips on buying customs, tack, etc

Issue 17, Page 17 (Aug/Sep 1991) - ad for Karen Gerhardt's Wizard's Vale Production Auction

Issue 18, Page 4 (Oct/Nov 1991) - Inside Straight ""Death' of a Showhorse: A Rhyme for the Times," a clever poem about over-exposure of a showhorse and the spark of a debate about who owns he photo-showing rights to a custom, the artist or the buyer?

Issue 19, Page 8, 9, and 10 (Dec 1991/Jan 1992) - "Inside Straight Stew, Spicy Style," a customizer's response to "Death of a Showhorse." Page 10 also features ads by Lee Francis and Laura Behning

Issue 20, Page 8, 9, 10, and 53 (Feb/Mar 1992) - "Cooking with Gas --- More 'Inside Straight' Stew!" more opinions on customizers' shows and model show rights

Issue 20, Page 11 (Feb/Mar 1992) - ad for rare Rydal horses and a bit of history about them

Issue 21, Page 49 (Apr/May 1992) - ad for Ray Ann Sneathen's popular Arabian stallion resin

Issue 22, Page 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 (Jun/Jul1992) - "A Steamin' Second Helping of 'Inside Straight' Stew" still more opinions on who owns the rights to a custom model and to what degree. Page 12 also features an ad for CMs by Carole Hale

Issue 22, Page 14 (Jun/Jul 1992) - "A Tribute to Marney J. Walerius" a touching eulogy to Marney who passed away April 3, 1992

Issue 22, Page 19 (Jun/Jul 1992) - ad for drastic CM PAS by Karen Gerhardt being offered at silent auction

Issue 24, Front Cover (Oct/Nov 1992) - features a CM by Kathleen Timmerman shying dramatically

Issue 24, Page 8, 9, and 10 (Oct/Nov 1992) - Inside Straight "More Stylization, Less Conformation? Playing Devil's Advocate with an Expert" an article examining the idea of buying and selling model horses as art and the merits of artistic style vs correct anatomy

Issue 28, Page 22 and 23 (Jun/Jul 1993) - Inside Straight "Somewhere in Dreamland" more thoughts on making the model horse hobby mainstream and a glimmer of the origins of NAMHSA

Issue 33, Page 4 and 5 (Apr/May 1994) - "Resin d'Etre" examines the growing populaity of resins with a brief discussion of their history in the hobby

Issue 33, Page 10 and 11 (Apr/May 1994) - "Remember When?" a brief but fascinating overview of hobby history