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Site News:

Welcome to Model Horse History! The site is constantly being updated, and at the moment, I am concetrating on scanning vintage hobby publications to add to the archive here. Eventualy, this site will have a variety of articles about hobby history in all its aspects.

Featured Model: Beautiful CM PAM by Karen Gerhardt


Questions? Comments? Submissions? Feel free to contribute on our Facebook page or email Kirsten at whitehorsepro@yahoo.com


Wanted: 1978 or 1979 article on model horses from Classic magazine; October 1982 Western Horseman (article on Kathy Maestas); Nov 1982 Appaloosa News (article on Linda Leach); 1982 and 1983 issues of Peruvian Horse World featuring Charlene Marshall ad Sue Guffey respectively; early 80s Horse and Rider (article featuring Bettye Brown); December 1989 Paint Horse Journal (article on Carol Williams); December 1990 Horse Illustrated (article "The Secret Life of Modle Horse Collectors"); any other mention of the hobby in non-hobby publications

Vintage hobby publications---scans or photocopies are fine---such as the Pony Express, Model Horse Shower's Journal, International Model Horse Journal, the American Model Horse Collector's Digest/Equine Miniaturist, Minis, Model Horse Gazette, JAH, and any other club publications, etc


Many thanks to all who have donated their time, materials, expertise, and memories to this site, especially Kay Myers, Lesli Kathman, Traci Durrell-Khalife, Karen Gerhardt, Paula Hecker, Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig, Julie Propes, Sue Stahl, and Adrien Synnott. Many more thank yous to come! :-)