Model Horse Publications

Last updated: 6/25/2015  Lots of updates going on and lots of scanning as well. I hope to be able to add more vintage hobbys magazines and newsletters soon. I have uploaded a list of all vintage publications I currently have to the MHH Archive Index. These will eventually be scanned and uploaded here. If you have something not listed, please let me know. I am interested in originals, photocopies, jpgs, or pdfs. Thanks!

Model Horse Shower's Journal: 13 issues currently uploaded, and I'm always looking for more!

The Hobby Horse News: published by Paula Hecker from December 1988 - March 2000. These articles are reproduced with her permission and may not be used elsewhere without her consent. Many articles have been posted, but this archive is still under construction. I hope to have scans of full issues in the future.

Model Horse Rag: Scanned and hosted by Kay Myers, author of much of the mayhem that was the Rag. She is adding more issues regularly.

Model Horse Gazette: Two issues uploaded. Many more to come!

The Model Horse Shower's Guide: Judging and Showing Model Horses: A 1982 guide to showing and judging written by Rebecca Herwoldt and Rebecca Slavin. This guide offers the basics on halter showing, performance, breeds, colors, conformation, and even a bit about tack making and customizing. It has a number of illustrations as well as photos of vintage customs and OFs.

Riddermark 1992 Sales List: not a publication per se, but an incredibly important piece of hobby history. This is Julie Froelich's 1992 sales list---both text and pictures. This is a 20 page PDF, so please be aware it may take a minute to fully download.

Non-Hobby Publications: This archive is devoted to articles about the model horse hobby published in real horse magazines, sports magazines, newspapers, etc. A few articles are posted with more coming soon!