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The Model Horse Shower's Guide: Judging and Showing Model Horses: Written by Rebecca Herwoldt and Rebecca Slavin in 1982, this is an early hobby handbook that offers the basics on breeds, colors, halter and performance showing, various kinds of tack, and even customizing and tack making. It is interspersed with illustrations and photos of vintage RRHs and OFs and one notable page about how to remake (regrettably) what appears to have been a mint buckskin Indian pony with warpaint (eek!).

Part 1: Pages 1-19 (Basic alphabetical breed guide.)

Part 2: Pages 20-39 (Continued breed guide; intro to entering, holding, and judging a photo show; beginning of the conformation guide.)

Part 3: Pages 40-59 (Conformation guide continued.)

Part 4: Pages 60-79 (Performance class explanations and judging guide.)

Part 5: Pages 80-99 (Continuation of performance class explanations, guide to different tack types, and intro to tack making.)

Part 6: Pages 100-119 (More on tack making and obstacle/prop making.)

Part 7: Pages 120-143 (More on obstacles/props; basics of horse color (interesting, but no longer correct); intro to remaking, repainting, and hairing. The unfortunate Indian pony incident is on page 15 of this PDF.)